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啪啪啪视频高清-Insure.com’s annual analysis that ranks the best home insurance companies found that USAA, Chubb and Allstate earned the top three spots, respectively, based on responses from current policyholders who rated carriers on six customer satisfaction metrics.

啪啪啪视频高清-Homeowners insurance companies with the most market share in the nation were ranked based on the ratings from surveyed policyholders in the categories of:

  • Value for price
  • Customer service
  • Claims satisfaction
  • Usefulness and ease-of-use of its website and mobile apps
  • If plan to renew
  • If would recommend

日本高清不卡码无码视频-Unlike evaluations you might find elsewhere, Insure.com's Best Insurance Companies is the result of a survey of 3,160 current customers – people just like you. We believe it to be the most comprehensive, assessment available and a useful guide to help you find the best home insurance company for your needs quickly and easily.

We identify the best home insurance companies based on what policyholders in our survey have to say about their experiences. But getting more information is always better when researching the best insurance companies, so new this year is the ability to leave your own review.

日本高清不卡码无码视频-The Top 5 Home Insurance Companies

  • 神州斯斯cc18tv手机版-While everyone loves a bargain, price was overshadowed by service when surveyed policyholders were asked to leave feedback. When customers described their home insurance company, the overwhelming majority commented about how the company treated them, how responsive the company was in answering questions about coverage or claims and about features of the coverage, such as discounts or  apps. It’s not that price wasn’t mentioned, but rather that it wasn’t the primary reason policyholders liked – or disliked-- their insurer.

    神州斯斯cc18tv手机版-You’ll see in the table below how each company scored overall, as well as on each metric, in Insure.com’s Best Home Insurance Companies ranking. To write your own review, see all the comments for each company from our survey respondents, as well as detailed information on each company’s coverage and discounts, visit our company pages by clicking on the logo in the table below.

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      啪啪啪视频高清-Here are what some policyholders had to say when asked to make a comment about their experience (you can see all comments for each company by clicking on the logo in the table above):


      lutuber老司机-Note that USAA serves only to active and retired military personnel and their immediate family members.

      • Easy to work with. Good service. Fair prices.
      • USAA listens to your needs and helps you find the best coverage at an affordable rate with the ability to increase or decrease your coverage as needed.
      • In general, I have had good experiences so far, the staff is attentive and concerned, and the webpage has a friendly navigation and satisfies my needs when I have had to manage something.

      Good to know:

      啪啪啪视频高清-USAA includes replacement cost coverage for your home and personal belongings as the default, which means you don’t pay extra to have your house and items replaced at today's value, with no depreciation factored in.

      Bottom line:

      日本一本2017国产-USAA not only ranks No. 1 overall, but also on the individual metrics of customer service satisfaction, claims processing and useful website/apps. Its limited membership, however, means it’s not available to everyone. 

      日本一本2017国产-2. Chubb

      • I got the best deal with maximum benefits.
      • The adviser explained the benefits of all policies, which helped me in choosing the right one.
      • It has fair prices, cares what happens to its customers, and finally, the claim process is very easy and responsive.

      Good to know:

      lutuber老司机-Chubb will pay to have your home repaired or rebuilt to its original standards, even if the cost is more than your policy limit. It will also pay for necessary upgrades due to modern building codes. If you don't want to rebuild, Chubb will offer a cash settlement up to your policy limit. It also has specialized wildfire coverage that will send certified firefighters to your home if a wildfire is endangering your house.

          Bottom line:

          日本高清不卡码无码视频-Chubb scored second overall, and also placed in the top three for value, likely to recommend and customer service. Though Chubb specializes in wealthy homeowners, you don’t have to well-to-do to take advantage of its generous coverage options, such as cash settlement and extended liability, and perks not offered by other carriers.

          日本高清不卡码无码视频-3. Allstate

          • We have always had great service and received good advice from them, and I feel like they are always looking out for our best interests.
          • The company makes sure I have the insurance I need, without trying to sell me unnecessary types of coverage.
          • An easy-to-use mobile app that is user friendly and helpful for any of your insurance needs.

          Good to know:

          lutuber老司机-Allstate offers affordable coverage those who rent out their homes to short-term guests (AirBnB hosts). Its “Common and Costly Claims” tool shows common home insurance claims by ZIP code.  You can also enroll in RateGuard, which means your rate won’t increase after a claim.

        1. Bottom line:

          lutuber老司机-Allstate was well liked by its surveyed policyholders, ranking third overall and second in two key areas – claims and customer service satisfaction. Allstate customers say the company is very good at explaining coverage in a way that’s easy to understand and in walking you through scenarios so you can confidently decide how much coverage you need.

          神州斯斯cc18tv手机版-Best home insurance companies by age 

          lutuber老司机-Here is how insurance companies ranked when data were analyzed by age and region.

          • Best home insurance companies for millennials:
          1. USAA
          2. American Family
          3. Allstate
          • Best home insurance companies for Gen X:
          1. Chubb
          2. State Farm
          3. AIG
          • Best home insurance companies for Baby Boomers:
          1. USAA
          2. Chubb
          3. Esurance

          神州斯斯cc18tv手机版-Best home insurance companies by region

          • Best home insurance companies for Northeast Region:
          1. USAA
          2. Chubb
          3. AIG
          • Best home insurance companies for Midwest Region:
          1. AIG
          2. USAA
          3. Chubb
          • Best home insurance companies for South Region:
          1. Chubb
          2. Allstate
          3. AIG
          • Best home insurance companies for West Region:
          1. USAA
          2. Chubb
          3. Progressive

          Agree with our findings? Disagree? Join the conversation by sharing your own experience with your car insurance provider in the commenting forum below.

          Note that this is an independent editorial analysis devoid of affiliations or partnerships of any kind– companies did not pay to be included. Finally, the A.M. Best financial ratings represent an assessment of an insurer's ability to meet its financial obligations to policyholders, and are separate from the editorial ranking.

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          Insure.com commissioned Op4G to survey more than 3,100 insurance customers nationwide in December 2017. The survey collected customer ratings for 20 leading companies in the auto category and 15 leading companies in each of the home, health and life categories. Only current customers of the insurers on our lists were surveyed, and the survey was not open to the general public on the Insure.com website.

          Auto, home and health insurers were ranked according to a weighted 6-point measurement of the following factors: customer service, claims processing, value for price, website/apps and would recommend and would renew. Life insurers were rated on a weighted 4-point measurement on customer service, value for price, website/apps and would recommend. Weighted measurements were derived from surveyed policyholders’ historical rank of prioritization of these factors. Overall score shown out two decimals, individual ranking scores (claims, etc.) shown without decimals; however, we used additional precision to assign rankings.

          The A.M. Best ratings, discounts and coverage options noted in the survey do not affect the scores, but are provided as a supplementary resource.

          Insure.com makes these ratings freely available via this site. The views and opinions expressed by users do not reflect the views and opinions of Insure.com. Insure.com expressly disclaims any and all liability in connection with the ratings.

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