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  • Choosing the right insurance coverage requires figuring out what’s best for your situation and then crunching the numbers to get the right level of protection. Insure.com offers a series of insurance calculators and tools to help you make your coverage decisions. Tools include the Best Insurance Companies, Car Insurance Rates by State and Car Model, Average Car Insurance Rates for Used Cars, and Car Insurance Discount Detector. We also offer insurance calculators and advisors for auto, home, health, and life. With Insure.com’s tools and calculators, you can discover whether you need to improve your insurance plans and compare how much you’re spending to average rates. Here’s a list of tools and calculators that can help you become a more educated consumer.

    best insurance companies
    Best Insurance Companies Compare customer satisfaction ratings for the biggest companies in auto, home, health, and life insurance. See More
    insurance advisor tool
    Insurance Advisor Tool Get Free Insurance Checkup instantly to identify holes or weak areas in your insurance portfolio and get recommendations from the experts. See More
    financial strength ratings
    Insurance Company Financial Strength Ratings See how your insurance company’s financial strength ranks according to Standard & Poor’s. See More
    state insurance information
    State Insurance Information Learn everything you need to know about insurance in your state. See More
    car insurance companies
    Insurance Companies Get in touch in insurance companies, and learn more about the products and services they offer. See More
    glossary of insurance terms
    Glossary of Insurance Terms Learn all the lingo you need to know for life, car, home, and health insurance. See More
    Car Insurance Tools & Calculators
    best car insurance companies
    Best Car Insurance Companies Find out which of the top car insurance companies rank the highest in customer satisfaction. See More
    car insurance rates by state
    Car Insurance Rates by State Discover the best—and worst—places to buy car insurance. See More
    car insurance discount detector
    Car Insurance Discount Detector Find out what discounts each car insurance offers and which ones apply to you. See More
    car insurance rates by car model
    Car Insurance Rates by Car Model Buying a new car? Compare insurance rates by model of car before making your decision. See More
    auto insurance advisor
    Auto Insurance Advisor Review your Auto Insurance portfolio and Calculate Your Score Now Using Our Auto Insurance Advisor Tool See More
    average car insurance rates for used car
    Average Car Insurance Rates for Used Car Use this tool to get average car insurance rates for more than 4,500 used car models from year 2006 to 2017. See More
    Life Insurance Tools & Calculators
    life insurance calculator
    Life Insurance Calculator Get a custom life insurance analysis and find out what kind of life insurance you need. See More
    best life insurance companies
    Best Life Insurance Companies Find out which life insurance companies have the highest customer satisfaction rates. See More
    life insurance advisor
    Life Insurance Advisor Are You & Your Loved Ones Fully Protected ? Check your current Life Insurance Score instantly and Free! See More
    Health Insurance Tools
    health insurance advisor
    Health Insurance Advisor Review your current medical plan in comparison to your medical needs at this time using Health Insurance Advisor Tool. See More
    Home Insurance Tools
    home insurance advisor
    Home Insurance Advisor Launch into the home section of our Insurance Advisor by answering a short series of questions about your current home policy. See More

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